About The Kennel

Translated from Russian:

George Onishchenko with Ohlamon and ShahinyThe first Central Asian Shepherd dog I had ever seen was in 1969 in Kazakhstan, near the city of Taldykorgan. After graduating from college I served as a helicopter in those parts. One day, as directed by the commander, we flew to shepherds to buy a couple of lambs on the birthday of one of the deputies. There I first saw the large, strong, vicious dogs that guarded the sheep and the shepherd’s family.

But most of all I remember the different quality of these dogs. Outside the tent, on a cotton blanket, crawling little baby 8-10 months. Next to him sat a “nurse” – white, red in spots, a large dog, with which he played. When the child was trying to crawl away from the dog, she gently took him by the jacket and pulls on the blanket, like a puppy licking. Shepherd said that neither he nor his wife are not afraid to leave the child with the dog, convinced that it is not worse than the birth mother could protect the baby. NizaLater, in Kiev, one of his friends aziatchikov, I heard such a story. One day, in a private home, where his wife Nisa, Bacha Pashtun was busy in the kitchen, their 4-year-old daughter was playing in the yard. Niza, the favorite of the whole family, especially the younger daughter, Aziza, at a time to feed their pups. Leaving the yard, someone forgot to close the gate, and it opened up by the wind. Just beyond the fence took a brisk highway. Attracted by the noise of the machine, the child went to the gate. Seeing this, the dog threw feed their pups, she ran to the gate and blocked the child out into the street and barked as long as it attracted the attention of his mother. I could give many other examples of high intelligence and intelligence representatives of this ancient breed.

Sher KhanIn the 80’s destiny brought me to Afghanistan where I repeatedly saw these dogs, but in a different context. On weekends (for Muslims, a Friday), on a vast dusty field outside Kabul, dog fights took place. Large crowds of people gathered, not only from Kabul but also from other provinces in Afghanistan. People arrived in cars, buses, on donkeys, camels, horses, and some by armoured personnel carriers (APCs).

This is a real national holiday for Afghan dog lovers. Forming large circles, the judges determined the winners, each of which being awarded a sheep. Afghans, similar in nature to many eastern cultures, very passionate and hot headed. A lot of arguing, shouting and gesticulating, cheering for their favourites, with some disputes elevating to small fights -but with all respect for the judges, and a lot of love for their dogs!

I even witnessed an elderly, frail Afghan giving his last piece of cake to his favourite, a huge dog who went on to win his next fight.

I was hit by the nobleness of these dogs. During a fight, when the dog’s opponent showed his weakness, Central Asian Shepherds, unlike any other fighting dog, do not finish off an opponent. I never witnessed a death during these fights; even heavy bleeding was a rarity.

NikaSpeaking to the Afghans, we heard a lot of stories about dogs who guard their house from both animals and from people. I’ve often heard from the owners of the dogs that guard the flock, and their victories over wolves, some even strangling tens of wolves. It is necessary to bear in mind the type of wolf. The Afghan Wolf, usually a reddish-grey, short animal, 50-60cm at the shoulder weighing 40-45kg. Naturally, a powerful Central Asian Shepherd can easily cope.

The Central Asian Shepherd is a dog who deserves both respect and admiration. So when I had both the desire and ability to seriously address keeping dogs, there was no alternative – only the Central Asian Shepherd.

Nikolay Paliy and Vadim KatsnelsonThe very first puppy to arrive at the Koncha Zaspa Kennel was Sher Kahn, and gave our family great pleasure. Growing up, he completed a course of training to become a fine watchman and security guard to the household, whilst continuing to be a favourite of the family. Unfortunately, at the age of 5, Sher Kahn died. whilst he was no show dog, he had a fantastic mentality, was fearless, and held excellent working qualities.

To learn more about the breed, and to bring in additional dogs to the kennel, I asked for help from someone who has stood at the origins of the Central Asian Shepherd dog breeding in Ukraine for many years. I went to Kirovograd – a breeding centre for Central Asian Shepherds, to meet Nicholas Klimovich. This person can spend hours talking about dogs, and about the breed. I don’t think he will take offence at me for saying this, but he is often called a “living computer”, preserving in his head hundreds of nicknames, names of breeders, show results, and the locations of countless dogs. AzazaThrough him, I have come to be acquainted with well known breeders, including Oleg Melnichenko, Konstantin Andrushko, Igor Sharov, and more.

From Kirovograg, I have bought several dogs and puppies. Nika, Aysha, Bacha, Niza, Kara and Rotti, which became the basis of Koncha Zaspa.

Continuing to get acquainted with dogs of Ukraine, I have travelled all areas. In Zhitomir has got acquainted with Bogdan Patynskiy and Andrey Filatov – enthusiasts – breeders of dogs Turkmen bloods (kennel “TURKMEN WOLFHOUND” – “TURKMENSKIY VOLKODAV”). From this kennel the puppy on nickname OHLAMON – the grandson of known Turkmen champion PILEN has been got.

In Crimea me have acquainted with the fine expert, the biologist by education, the expert of a national category – Anna Bushnjak who was repeatedly being in expedition in Turkmeniya. AlamatAt her I have got known from us and abroad a dog on a nickname CHAN TSARANDOY ALU – the Champion of Europe of 2000, the Champion of Poland and Ukraine and some puppies who subsequently have grown in winners and prize-winners of national and foreign exhibitions: SHAHINYA, ARSLAN, MARGO.

I have learnt a great deal from speaking with Igor Malajdahom and his wife Olga Goncharuk, the Valery Bereza, Vadim Katsnelsonom, Sergey Slukinym, Valery Vysotsky, etc.

In the first five years of keeping Central Asian Shepherds, more and more I find I am hit by the respect and love for this breed, which itself carries more than a five thousand year history. Throughout this time, we have learnt a great deal about this breed. Our dogs have grown with us, with many of them becoming winners of both national and international dog shows in Ukraine and abroad.

ShahinyaThe Koncha Zaspa Kennel took fourth place among kennels of all breeds in the Ukranian Kennel Union throughout results of dog shows in 2003. Three our dogs – Chan Tsarandoy Alu, Ohlamon, and Rotti’s Alliance Caliph became Champions of Ukraine, Champion of Lithuania and the Champion of Russia.

Rotti’s Alliance Caliph became the winner in both open class and the second in comparison of dogs, at the prestigious show “Asian – 2003, the Cup of the World” in Moscow, at refereeing the expert of the highest class – Polivanov. This achievement for me is much more than the third places in the Euro dog shows of 2003 and 2004.

AbdulaThe biggest pleasure for me and my wife Tatyana, who performs the largest share of work in kennel, was the occurrence of the first puppies from Niza and Shahinya. To us owners of dogs from other cities of Ukraine and abroad for crossing with our dogs began to go. It testifies that our dogs like much, and it means, that we go on a correct way.

We for the first time saw, how these are born small, for the present defenceless essences. Have been struck, with what love and care mother concerns to them. Have passed months and all puppies have found the new owners. As it was hard to leave them, in fact it is so much efforts and love it has been given him. Fortunately, all puppies have fallen into in good hands, we contact to their new owners.

Boy with Central Asian ShepherdWe have invited for teamwork in kennel “KONCHA-ZASPA” the fine expert – Anna Bushnjak. The true professional, the biologist and the expert, she{it} as anybody another, understands features of genetics. We have got acquainted with her help with Russian breeders – Lyudmila Roginskaja, kennel “TURKMEN KALA”. From ALAMAT from “TURKMEN KALA” (the son of known champion Turkmenii AKELLA-3) and ours SHAHINYA the fine puppies becoming an ornament of dogshow in Kirovograd have been received.

We have planned the program of the further development of kennel, have visited a number of the Russian kennels, have adjusted with them business relations. To us offers on an exchange of males, search of worthy males, first of all abroad is conducted.

Puppies with the wolfWe aspire to bring up the dogs courageous and fearless. Hardly we have still kennel where puppies of Central Asia Dogs are brought up together with the one-year-old wolf.

We conduct active correspondence with foreign amateurs of this breed. It is pleasant, that the dogs received in our kennel, is in Russia, Byelorussia, Spain and even in Turkmeniya.

– George Onishchenko, owner of Koncha Zaspa Kennel