Titles, and titles awarded at exhibitions of all ranks in the FCI and the KSU
BIG (Best in Group) – Winner of the Group. The best dog breeds in FCI group
BIG (II-V) – Winner Group
BIS (Best in Show) – Best in Show
BIS (III-IV) – Best In Show Winners
R.BIS – Reserve Best in Show
BISJ (Best in Show Junior) – Best Junior in Show
BISP (Best in Show Puppy) – Best Puppy in Show
BISV – Best Veteran in Show
BOB (Best of the Breed) – Best of Breed (BOB)
BJ (Best Junior) – Best Junior (BJ)
BP (Best Puppy) – Best Puppy (BP)
CACIB (Candidate a Champion in Beauty) – Candidate for International Champion of Beauty
R.CACIB (Reserv. Candidate a Champion in Beauty) – reserve candidate in International Champion of Beauty
CAC (Candidate Country a Champion) – A candidate in the country’s national champions
R.CAC (Reserv. Country a Champion) – reserve candidate in the country’s national champions
CH (Country a Champion) – the country’s National Champion
INT.CH. – International Champion
CW (Class Winner) – The winner of the class (intermediate, open, champion)
R.CW – Reserve Class Winner
Junior CH – Junior Champion (the official title of some countries)
MULTI.CH. – National Champion and three more countries
W (Winner) – Winner
WW (World Winner) – World Champion
Euro. Winner – Champion of Europe
CH.RKF – Champion of the Russian Kennel Federation (RKF Ch)
CH.RUS. – Champion of Russia
CCC – Candidate for Club Champion Breed
CC – Certificate of Conformity
RF – Regional Champion
BRN – Candidate for Regional Champions

Titles in training:
CACIT – Ph.D. in international champions of the working qualities
CAC.T – Candidate for the national champions of the working qualities
Qualifying reduction in training:
SchH – Protective dog (there are three levels I, II, III)
IPO – International protection and obedience (there are three levels I, II, III)
FH – The trace dog (also three levels I, II, III)
MCS – protective and guard services (protection, trace)
OKD – The general course of training (obedience)
HS – Urban Dog (total obedience course in the city)

Tests and health certificates:
ZTP – Get a test for breeding
Koerung – (Keuring) Especially recommended for breeding
HD – The absence of dysplasia of the hip
HTPV – Lack of eye defects